MMNL is Nigeria best battery manufacturer company. We are proud to introduce ourselves as manufacturer & supplier of batteries in Nigeria with the brand name “STAR PLUS”. We are ISO 920340 certified company based in Gbara Village, Ogun State since 2008 having manufacturing facility with the installed capacity of 200,000 batteries per annum.

In the Brand “STAR PLUS” we manufacture various types of batteries which suit all your requirement such as tubular battery, automotive battery and more. MMNL batteries are eco-friendly and are capable of being completely recycled, thereby minimizing wastage, and living up to its responsibility towards the environment. We use quality material with advance technology to give the best to the customer.

Inverter battery

MMNL industries is a leading inverter battery (tubular) manufacturer in Nigeria. We are the best battery suppliers in Nigeria. MMNL’s in-house R&D team is always in search of making the inverter batteries better and reliable solution with consistent performance. Our inverter battery needs less maintenance and fits in a small space.

STAR PLUS offers long-lasting inverter tubular battery. STAR PLUS tubular inverter battery come in different capacities ranging from 130AH to 240AH. These inverter batteries not only last long but are incredibly powerful too. The warranty ranges from 36 (18+18) months to 60 (36+24) months.

STAR PLUS Inverter batteries are specially designed to be used with home and industrial inverters where traditionally flooded tubular batteries are typically used. Most inverters have chargers with high-ripple content that reason shedding of active materials in the battery plate. Hence, tubular batteries are preferred over flat plate maintenance-free batteries. Leader tubular Inverter industrial battery is specially designed to encapsulate the plates with gel electrolyte to prevent shedding.

  • Life-1200 Cycle
  • Special Tubular positive spines cast at high pressure 100 bar to raise corrosion life.
  • Excellent reserve capacity for long backup.
  • More current density, max. AH efficiency.
  • Operating Specific Gravity 1.250 +/-0.005 at 270C.
  • Back-up high charge acceptance due to usage of quality PE separator.
  • Special additives for better charge acceptance & retention.
  • Special Alloy grids ensures low gassing and minimum water loss.
  • 20% Extra electrolyte for less topping & batter thermal Management.
  • Low internal resistance seal proof leak proof.
  • Float indicators level.
Model No. Box Type Ah Capacity
Total Warranty(Months)
Length Width Height
SP7500 D66 75 277 174 180 -
SP10000 D88 100 378 174 193 -
SP12000 N120 120 500 179 233 -
SP15000 N150 150 507 220 233 -
SP15000 XB IT500 150 505 190 410 24 MONTHS
SP16500 XB IT500 165 505 190 410 24 MONTHS
SP20000 XB IT500 200 505 190 410 24 MONTHS
SP22000 XB IT500 220 505 190 410 24 MONTHS
Quality & Reliability

All the inverter batteries in the market may typically work the same but what makes STAR PLUS Inverter Batteries exceptional is its cutting-edge technology, high-quality raw material, and in-house battery manufacturing plant. To meet customers’ requirements of innovative products, the plant is equipped with latest and most advanced equipment imported from various countries around the world to produce batteries for the above-mentioned applications.

Batteries here are used as a rouged high drain standby source of power. The demand of stationary batteries is substantially higher, and these are used in applications such as stand by application, home ups systems, telecommunication networks, power plant etc.

The grid of the STAR PLUS batteries is cast with innovative alloys and its thick, modified plates ensure long life and greater reliability. A special low vaporous curing process further enhances the superior quality of the battery. Together, the superior design characteristics give better backup for with-standing frequent and long power cuts.

Now enjoy non-stop power at home and workplace. STAR PLUS range of Inverter batteries / tubular batteries are innovations that have pioneered this segment.

Automotive battery (Car Battery)

We are the leading automotive battery manufacturers in Nigeria. Our battery manufacturing plant is fully equipped with advanced machinery. Our strength is our team of highly expert and technically qualified professionals, who work in close association with our clients and provide them with responsible solutions. We are regarded for our high-quality standards, so we exactly design and manufacture the car battery, automotive battery using superior quality components and raw materials with the help of advanced technology in keeping to international quality norms.

We are known for our consistent quality standards, so we precisely design and manufacture the offered range of products using superior quality components with the help of cutting-edge technology in adherence to international quality norms under the guidance of quality controllers.

STAR PLUS is pioneer car battery manufacturers in NIGERIA since 2008. Since that time, the demands on batteries have increased significantly with the introduction of features such as Music Player, Central Locking, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, ABS and Airbags, etc. With unmatched expertise in automotive electrical systems, STAR PLUS has kept pace with these developments and now provides a range of batteries which meet the demands of modern vehicles.

STAR PLUS automotive battery is a value for money solution, suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks, and other commercial vehicles with few energy consuming components. Vehicles come in all shapes, sizes each with varying electrical needs. STAR PLUS battery meets the electrical demands of a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a dependable supply of power to keep the energy consuming components always working properly.

Advantages of Star Plus Automotive Battery
  • Fast, reliable starting power
  • Minimized self-discharge rate.
  • A strong performance against corrosion
  • Vehicles regarding electrical values
  • Suitable for most passenger vehicles
  • Magic Eye-Indicate state of charge at a glance.
  • User Friendly-Factory Charged for ready to use.
  • Permanently meet the high requirements of your
  • Dual plate’s protection against shocks & vibrations
  • Increased 20% service life with innovative alloy.
  • Specially designed for Indian climate & road conditions
  • Fulfills & surpasses original equipment suggestion.
Quality & Reliability

Star Plusautomotive battery is built to safe starting in any weather condition and resistant to high engine chamber temperatures. Their innovative grid technology also makes them resistant to high temperatures inside the engine chamber which often exceed 100-degree C. At the same time, acid consumption and corrosion are minimized. These translate into minimum self- discharge, tolerance for short distance driving and perfect operational safety throughout their entire long life.

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